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SOULCRAFT SCROLL: the Hydrohemophotophysiological Approach to end CARDIOVASCULAR Disease and Biological Aging as we know it, through Diet combined with Isometrics & Calisthenics!


Title: SOULCRAFT SCROLL: the Hydrohemophotophysiological Approach to end CARDIOVASCULAR Disease and Biological Aging as we know it, through Diet combined with Isometrics & Calisthenics! the Prism Edition.

Sections: Purpose, Introduction, Summary, Abstract, Main Text, Plants, Exercise, Exercises & Conclusion.

Author: EnQi Sang Real the Founder of the SouL

Affiliations: Amber Institute Sports Clinics of America & United Plates of America

Purpose: Indoctrination of all who come in contact using this Scroll’s information to reprioritize their lives and inspire them to movement, towards a Cardiovascular Disease free state of living. Reprioritizing our lives and adopting these principles based on Objectivity & Critical Thinking is the only way to maintain the Fervency & Zeal that is a prerequisite for the movement required to convert “Big Pictures” into “Motion Pictures“. To achieve this goal you must study the degrees and angles of this scroll Section by Section then Paragraph by Paragraph (Apprentice Instructor), then Sentence by Sentence then Concept by Concept (Teacher Instructor), then Word for Word (memorization) and finally you will be able to approach the Spirit of this Scroll (Master Instructor). These levels of study go hand in hand with the levels of physical application.

Repetition of exercise is the same with study, in the same way repetition of a exercise builds muscle; the repetitious study of the scroll builds Neural Networks (pyramids of neurons). The neural networks commune with the heart through birefringence which is the process of converting light/electromagnetism into 2 beams or “sasers” (binary coding) through the calcite crystal in the pineal gland. This information is transfer into RBCs (Red House), via the Förster mechanism to be ferried through the body to the Heart for Memory.

This type of study provides depth in understanding as well as a way to categorize the way you discuss the Scroll amongst your peers ie Introduction 4th paragraph 2nd Sentence 5th word we know is Geometry

Introduction: Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer and those it does not kill, it weakens and makes them susceptible to other forms of illness including advanced aging. One of the most unspoken of and debilitating aspects of cardiovascular disease & DIABETES is the mutation and/or rot of the BONE MARROW. Fortunately we have identified particular plants that go way beyond the effects of Sea Moss or Chondrus Crispus alone in Bone as well as Bone Marrow regeneration. The Compounds in our Purple Phaze/Anabolic Hormone Help are able to not only stimulate AMPK activity but specifically stimulate AMPK activity in undifferentiated BMPCs.

Sea Moss has been known to contain the key nutrients to support bone formation BUT IT DOES NOT KICK START THE PROCESS TO REVERSE BONE MARROW LOSS. THE SECRETS OF CHONDRUS CRISPUS SEAMOSS ARE NOT THE OVER-EXAGGERATED MINERAL CONTENT but its uncanny ability to Burn Fat (Thyroid Hormone), Structure Water or turn water into Gel!!!! The other key factor in “Moss” lies in the fact that it is a Starch however what makes it an amazing Starch is that it is composed of Galactose & NOT glucose. Galactose is the preferred Sugar or Carb of Neurons & Nerves.

The plants in the Purple Phaze are able to boost ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE ACTIVITY, microRNA, COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS, BONE MINERAL/NUTRIENT ABSORPTION & OSTEOCALCIN EXPRESSION, even bone lesion reversal. By stimulating the Runx2/Cbfa1 pathway and combining the piezoelectric effects of particular exercise patterns, SoulCrafting becomes OSTEOGENIC.

Modern science is only just now beginning to realize what our ancestors long ago understood in regards to remaining healthy and illness free, biology is based on Atomic Crystal Lattice Structure (we are the most advance and fertile soil on Earth). The understanding of this Geometry allows us to maintain our Vigor beyond what we know today to be the limits of illness and aging.

The Periodic Arrangement of Atoms (pockets of light mathematically arranged on the periodic table) into the Crystal Lattice Structure that supports life (electromagnetism) is the epitome of Supreme Mathematics in Living Geometry. Chemistry is simply the addition and subtraction of groups of these Atoms (Atoms max out at 120 electrons). Biochemistry is this same process in the living. Time is an imaginative subset of Mathematics that is UNCONNECTED to living systems! Time does not govern Biology, hence age is really just a number that is meaningless!

In the previous paper titled Water and Melanin we did not mention the elephant in the room as it was hidden in plain sight; pressure on our physique (Hormesis)! From the beginning of time our daily sustenance created a pattern of exercise that luxury has stripped from us. The problem with that is our literal foundation is tied to the external pressure our environment gave us being piezoelectric creatures. In truth, our longevity is tied to this coupling of pressure as it controls our blood production, immune system production & stem cell production.

SoulCrafting is the process of Greening (SWADJ) by Quantifying Light by Number in order to experience the full spectrum of Life. Life is the structuring and organizing of electromagnetism into ever complex coherent systems.

Summary: Without a proper plant based diet and exercise we are facing premature death in the same way fish flopping around out of water are. Hydrohemophotophysiology is the modern day cutting edge science extrapolated from the Ancient Masters systems of bone and blood health combined with physical labor. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer largely due to the dependance of the Cardiovascular and Immune systems on the Skeletal system which is being not only neglected, but sabotaged directly and indirectly. We, unlike almost any other organization formed around health, have united the development of the External Muscle (weidan) & the Internal Muscle (neidan) to address Cardiovascular & Metabolic Issues.

Luxury and modern technology has eliminated the daily need for physical labor which robs bone of the nutrition absorption on switch that is piezoelectricity and our toxic diet is simultaneously, leeching minerals from the bone daily to maintain blood hydrogen density or PH. This light trap causes a steady leak of light which overworks the Mitochondria and creates the illusion of Biological Aging. These challenges to the body lead to the shuffling of genetic “information” (transposons) that becomes what we experience as Endogenous Virus/ RetroVirus (AntiViral Kit). Viruses are seen as simply proteins carrying genetic information, typically active viruses travel via the Red House (circulatory system) or the Blue House (lymphatic system). MicroRNA (22 nucleotides) influence dna/rna expression, stem cell differentiation, bone development and “endogenous virus” production among many other factors…

With close scrutiny of the Western Medical system, Holistic Science and our Ancient Sciences we have identified and reinvigorated the technique of carefully crafting the essence or life force, which can be harnessed to extend or protect life, potentially liberating billions of dollars in the economy not to mention the anguish and emotional burden placed on families due to medical bills as well as premature death.

Abstract: The fallacy of Biological Age should have fallen on its face a long time ago when we discovered the speed at which cells renew themselves. The fallacy of Biological Age blocks the role of pigments ie. HEMOGLOBIN, NEUROGLOBIN, CYTOGLOBIN, MYOGLOBIN, PHEOMELANIN, BROWN EUMELANIN, BLACK EUMELANIN, MELANOPSIN, RHODOPSIN, LUTEIN, ZEAXANTHIN, CHROMOSOMES (CHROMA/COLOR – SOME/BODY), BLACK NEUROMELANIN (DOPAMINE), BLUEISH NEUROMELANIN (NORADRENALINE/LOCUS COERULEUS), PHOTOPSIN, NEUROPSIN, PANOPSIN in Immunity including for example the role of the Bone Marrow (ALSO PIGMENTED) in the Skull with Inflammatory Brain Disease and/or NeuroGenesis. The Ancients talked about leading Qi or Chi to the Brain, well we know today its these pigments which carry the “Qi”. This Chi is really referring to the illumination created by oxygen and the various forms of Phosphorus & Phosphates in the Prisms we call Cells.

Under closer scrutiny Biological Aging seems almost ridiculous when we take note of the Methyl Marks & Telomeres effect on Histones or the more simple fact that almost all of your body’s cells are renewed on avg within 7 years (couple days up to 16 years), the fallacy becomes clear. The problem then becomes if we understand that fallacy, how do we counter these components that are creating the illusion of Biological Aging & Disease.

Main Text: When a human skeleton is newly formed it is 80-100% BioActive regarding the Bone Marrow vs Bone Rot or Bone Adipose Tissue, which results from epigenetics, Haplotype differences, exposure to toxins, lack of stimuli etc… and does not produce “life”. BioActive Bone Marrow is able to produce RBCs, WBCs, facilitating immune molecules (AntiBodies, Immunoglobulins etc..), Stem Cells (all types), BMP, Electromagnetism all while maintaining Blood PH. With good nutrition the cells are renewed which renews the tissues, glands, bones and organs of the body keeping the home of the Soul (the living light) balanced between oxidation and hydration. The BioActive Bone Marrow supplies the body with what we know of as “LIFE” as the BioActive Bone Marrow rots and is converted into Bone Fat your Blood Supply, Immune System Supply & Stem Cell Supply shrink effectively “aging” the body.

This delicate balance between oxidation (Fire/Li) and hydration (Water/Kan) is demonstrated between the layers of conductive material and insulator material that allow electromagnetism to permeate the crystal lattice structure filled with the gel we know of as H3O2 or Structured Water. The true practice of a Holistic Life is to craft the Soul everyday through exercise and diet consciously building the body cell by cell to control the behavior and the number of the Mitochondria as well as the Expression of the nDNA.

Water plays an integral role in the life and function of the Bone & its Marrow. Water as a Gel in its H3O2 form, exists as Diamagnetic Hexagonal (Star of David Shape) Molecules which because they are 3D function as Prisms. The effect of having a diamagnetic gel inside and outside of a piezoelectric crystal is the constant production of Charge. This Current only exists in active Bone & is the key to the health of the special pigment tissue we call Marrow. The 3,4,5 triangle of Pythagoras or the 47th problem of Euclid can easily be converted to a RIGHT ANGLE PRISM, just as sidebar or food for thought.

ELECTRONS move from the breath into the Blood and then the Kidneys, which function as the Scale of Ma’aT to measure the electricity (symbolized as the feather or SHUuT) or PH in the Blood. When there is the slightest hint of a potential drop, the Bone Marrow is signaled to either produce moor RBCs or release minerals to buffer any acids, in some instances the bones are called upon to do both; over time weakening the Skeletal system. The Skeletal System functions as an economy with Bioelectromagnetism or Light as its currency. When one is practicing the Art of SoulCrafting she or he is constantly contributing to the Bank or Skeletal System which is noticeable in two major ways 1) Bone Density & 2) Actual Active Bone Marrow vs the Bone Rot or Bone Fat. Many Isometric & Calisthenics practitioners ignorantly refer to repetitions of exercise as “GETTING MONEY” not actually knowing how SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE (pure genetic memory) they are, however exercise alone does not comprise this Art form.

There are many people who would point to various Ancient or Sacred text and insinuate they used the number 33 as a mnemonic device ie.. Jesus Transition at age 33, Trayastrimsa 33 Gods, Elohim 33 times in the early text of Genesis, the Lunar/Solar Cycles of 33 day etc… to refer to the 33 Vertebrate. My favorite mnemonic device is the Djed Pillar with its electromagnetic current simply because it not only functions great in “story” but the insulator/conductor in a mineral salt medium science is still articulated. This gives even a novice a basic understanding of how cerebral spinal fluid coating the vertebrate & discs function. There are 31 pairs of nerves originating from 124 nerve roots that connect the rest of the body to the spine. This is the center for Muscle Function.

Another key piece of this puzzle is the fact that the top of the spine is THE MAIN CENTER OF BRAIN FUNCTION. Traveling up the spine it becomes the BrainStem, which then becomes the Medulla (BONE MARROW) Oblongata (OBLONG SQUARE or RECTANGLE) which contains the Brain Pyramids, culminating in the MidBrain which translates all the information from Body to Brain & vice/versa. The Master Gland aka the Pituitary Gland home of the Soma is a outgrowth of this “BONE MARROW”. This is the major understanding to get from this, the most important aspects of your body are protected by Bone. When we are first conceived we are just 3 levels of flesh or cells, however as we develop all of the body’s stem cells are ENTOMBED in bone for protection. Your youth is in your bones literally! New Neurons and Glia cells to protect them, come from this Marrow all your life, bone marrow rot is the cause and key to healing “aging” brains.

The two major elements/minerals that are the primary catalyst and instigators of Bone Marrow are two main components of Swadj Mommatomix, Phosphorus & Hydrogen.

PLANTS: Genesis 1:29 – 1:30 (Dr. Sebi Source) Before the “Transgression” this Plant Based diet was based around “EVERY HERB BEARING SEED” ie.. Melons, Grains, Succulents, Nuts, Seeds, Legumes… & “EVERY TREE, in the which is THE FRUIT OF A TREE YIELDING SEED” ie.. Citrus, Palm, Sweet, Acid, Neutral Fruits finally the “Herb of the Field” (Medicinal Herbs & Greens post transgression) were added ie.. Mustards, “Kales, Turnip, Cabbages, WaterCress, Sprouts, Artichokes, Lilies (Onion/Garlic).

Surat al-Baqarah 2:168 “Oh, you people, eat from the earth what is halal and tayyub (Wholesome/Lawful & Pure), and follow not the footsteps of the Shaytan”.

The Burnt Flesh of Dead Animal is NOT Wholesome, Clean or Pure. Can plants be “meat”? If we are talking nutritionally not only do all of the essential Amino Acids originate in plants but we can also get Saturated Fat to build our cholesterol & myelin sheath from Palm Oil, Coconut (Oil & Meat), Avocado and Cacao.

Fats (joint health), Proteins (muscle synthesis) & Carbohydrates (energy) are referred to in the Health/Fitness world as “Macro” nutrients because you need “alot” of them daily conversely Minerals, Vitamins & Water are referred to as “Micro” nutrients because you only need them in small amounts. Problem!!! Everyone who hears this, uses these terms to set their perspective which obviously set the wrong IMPORTANCE level for Water, Vitamins & Minerals. To add gas to the fire there are many nutrients that are neither Macro or Micro but are vital ie.. PIGMENTS!!! Pigments are mostly mislabeled AntiOxidants like Zeaxanthan & Lutein (in our Ocean Steak compound), which without a daily intake you go blind from Macula Degeneration. Blue Light speeds up this syndrome by destroying the Lutein & Zeaxanthin sitting in the Plasma of the Eye.

If that isn’t bad enough they promote sweating without any way to replace all of the “micro” nutrients loss during sweating!!! Gatorades & Powerades may have 4-8 micronutrients to replace the 30+ plus your losing (problem), however those drink use Artificial Colors that damage nDNA & mtDNA. One of the reasons we use Momatomix is because it replaces every known mineral the body needs, all the Aromatic Amino Acids etc…

The first thing to understand about muscle synthesis and bone density is they both require proteins. Proteins are chains of Amino Acids most of which can be created in the human body, however the essential Amino Acids can not be produced in the body. This fact is often overlooked and people think the other animals are somehow different, but they are not, ONLY PLANTS PRODUCE THE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS, MOST IMPORTANT ARE THE AROMATIC AMINO ACIDS. The Chlorophyll family of pigments create the Green color we associate with a plant based diet or a forest however the green is so biologically potent because it houses & masks many other pigments that blood plasma, bones and muscles need ie.. Lycopene (a carotenoid), any one or all of the 300+ Anthocyanins, Anthoxanthins, Isoflavones just for example there are many moor all of which can be found in Ocean Steak (the Vegan B12, Vegan Protein, Vegan DHA, Iodine & Glutathione Compound)….. most of which function in the body as additional light carriers, electron carriers, redox agents or anti-oxidants.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Bones are roughly 1/4 to 1/3 water, the kidneys are 4/5 water and the muscles are 9/10 water. This becomes hyper relevant when you understand that the water in the human body is NOT the same as bottled water or the water that comes out your sink.

The water in your body is very thick and must be structured by light & plant fiber, plant pigments and other phytonutrients. MUSCLE IS ONLY 5-20% PROTEIN & 80-95% WATER!

*Strive to drink a 1-2 Gallons of Water per Day, exercise will increase your “Thirst”. The increase in water is required to cleanse the muscles, organs, tissues, glands etc… (Spring, Artesian & Glacier are Best). Water however is NOT sufficient to replace what is lost during sweat, you can lose up to 50 different types of nutrients during sweat. If this is not carefully replaced (we use Swadj Momatomix) you will tax the reserves of chemicals responsible for the production of strength internally and externally.

THE PROCESS OF BUILDING MUSCLE & BONE = THE PROCESS OF DESTROYING FAT especially when combined with a diet that does not push the mTOR pathway into cell division like the fiberless (MEAT & DAIRY) programs many fitness professionals market. Arginine & Methionine heavy foods/supplements can activate Viral Replication and slow down Sirtuin activity, so they should be avoided. Fiberless food destroys metabolism and is a larger cause of Metabolic Disease than “Sugar”. Carbohydrates are a natural source of Energy for Sustenance. Deciding to eat Plant Based is deciding to eat a Diet based on Fiber. Plant Fibers form the basis of what structures Water, develops & nurtures the MicroBiome, Controls Cholesterol Metabolism, Blood Sugar, contributes Plant Pigments and much moor…

The other Big Key to speak to Meat is simple, in order for meat to be considered Nutritious it must be consumed Raw or partially Raw. You are not a Carnivore eating Baked or Fried Cows, Turkeys, Chickens or Fish, you are a Necrovore. A Necrovore is a person who consumes rotten corpses. Carnivores eat Raw or partially Raw flesh. When Flesh is heated it produces the MOST TOXIC substances on earth for the Human Body Heterocyclic Amines and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

Plant Based nutrients are the key to activating the system of renewal & regeneration in the body, the major system being the Sirtuins. The mystical number 7 in human biology represents the Sirtuins simply because there are 7 of them which work to renew or baptize every cell and structure in the human body.

The Sirtuin Proteins are all Enzymes that are dependent on a particular class of Nucleotides called NAD or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD & NMN are in the Purple Phaze) which synergistically works with Resveratrol (HISTONIC COMPOUND) to activate ALL 7 SIRTUINS, AKG & cAMP. Plant Nucleosides & Nucleotides are the basis for all AntiViral & AntiRetroViral drugs.

When these practices are combined with the culture and customs developed via the conscious consumption the Order of the SoulCraft practices, the FOXO pathways are stimulated. The FOXO pathways have been discussed and documented heavily as the progenitors of all the benefits associated with Calorie Restriction. The Art of SoulCrafting has revived the Ancient & Modern science of Crafting the Soul for true success while “living” which results in a successful “death”.

Square – as a noun its a nutritious meal that contains all of the nutrients your biochemistry & dietary goals require, as a verb is the act of eating super strict or living your best life. A unhealthy meal is called Making a Mess on your Apron. We are moving away from terms like “Cheat” as they imply that it’s possible to fool yourself or God which we should know is NOT possible.


ENROLLED TO BECOME CERTIFIED ELITE CALISTHENICS SPECIALISTS because we actually put health and longevity before the aesthetics of external muscle or likes on social media. This Order is about recombining Health with Fitness to facilitate the Soul & Spirit.

The elephant in the “performance” room are the tendons and joints. No matter how much Power the muscles produce they are still bound by the restrictions of the Fascia, Tendons & Joints. The problem with that is the Muscle recover and build “strength” in days & weeks. The Fascia, Tendons & Joints take weeks and Months to match the muscles. Only Calisthenics & Isometrics allow for the coupling of the Muscle and Tendons to grow together, we have taken particular interest in this disparity when creating our system, our culture & our customs.

The Muscles are largely misunderstood and could better be understood as the mechanisms which produce Light from Phosphorus or the tangible machinery of the Soul System. All muscle and bone cells are highly electromagnetic and use various forms of Phosphorus for fuel, growth and as a means of communication. PHOSPHORUS IS THE LIGHT BEARER and is often misunderstood in the diet. In my LANDMARK discovery that the BODY DOES NOT RUN ON ELECTRICITY & INSTEAD THE BODY RUNS ON LIGHT, which earned me the title Founder of the Soul (FOTS); I highlighted the scientific underpinnings of a huge blunder that creates the illusion of dietary “PROTEIN”. Achieving higher levels of true health is about changing the body and biochemistry to support More Light. THE CHOICE OF CIRCUMSCRIBING SPECIFIC PARAMETERS OF DIET AND EXERCISE FOR HEALTH & LONGEVITY IS LITERALLY THE QUEST FOR MOOR LIGHT.

Many people attempt to consume a plant based diet and quickly return to meat because they notice a huge drop in energy… they quickly go back to eating meat and notice their strength return. This HUGE BLUNDER contributes to cardiovascular disease and cancer exponentially! What they don’t know is that they are experiencing a drop in creatine which recycles Phosphorus in the muscles. Eating flesh carries the creatine from the Animal into your system helping to recycle phosphorus, when you stop eating meat that creatine level drops initially. Fortunately Calisthenics & Isometrics kick starts MitochondrialBiogenesis which over time naturally raises the body’s creatine levels.

MitochondrialBiogenesis is the key difference to the Muscle Retention difference in weightlifting and calisthenics practitioners, the exponential increase in Mitochondrial density to produce more power (from calisthenics/isometrics) vs the activation of the mTOR pathway (from weightlifting) with its cellular division stimulation, creates longer lasting muscle and more pronounced bone marrow changes. This alone makes Calisthenics/Isometrics a much healthier form of exercise but theres moor…


In the Ancient World the God Bacchus was based on Ausar or Osiris, there was a contemporary diety based on the same Biochemical Mnemonic device in “India” his name was Soma. Osiris & Soma were known to save and civilize the world through use of plants, the Grape in Osiris’s case and an unknown plant identified as Soma in the case of “Soma”. Fortunately Egypt/Kmt left very detailed and clear records, so with the help of modern science we have been able to identify the BioChemistry.

Science has identified the Sirtuin family of “proteins” as the source of regeneration in humans regarding nDNA, mtDNA, Bone Marrow etc… the list goes on. One key nutrient Resveratrol has been shown to activate Sirtuins to renew the body from the inside out. Resveratrol is found most plentiful in the Grape of Osiris. Taking this a step further I ran into a problem I needed to find a concrete link in the BioChemistry to Soma, at least enough to satisfy my curiosity. I found it examining the Lotus which is replete through Ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley home of Soma.

Resveratrol is a Tyrosine analogue. Resveratrol is known to extend the life of the Telemeres! Lotus has the highest levels of Tyrosine of all plants.

Soma is a extract of a mysterious plant that is known to renew the flesh. The problem is that to the uninitiated that have not spent any time studying the Soul, the plant of the Soul is unknown to them. The plant of the Soul has always been referred to in allegory to keep its identity secret to the profane. The Lotus in many instances like the “Soma” has been used in this way. The actual Flower of the Soul is the Brain with its stem growing in the living waters of the Human, the flesh being the most profound “soil” on Earth.

Resveratrol is a Tyrosine analogue (the focus of our Histonic Compound for Histone health).

Lotus has the highest levels of Tyrosine of all plants. The extract of the Lotus for further link with the Legend of Osiris known as the Perfect Black, induces Melanogenesis or Melanin Production (just an fyi).

Soma is the extract of the Brain that renews the flesh continually when “pressed” or pressured, through the proper application of FORCE or Reverse Enertia we call Hormesis Training. Somatotropin is the Tyrosine based Hormone that is produced from the Brain that continually renews the body. Melanin Concentrating Hormone stimulates Somatotropin (& fat loss). Sunlight absorption boosts testosterone. Melanophores have been identified as Smooth Muscle Cells in disguise.

Tyrosine is also at the center of your Metabolism in your Thyroid health. Tyrosine combines with Selenium & Iodine to control your entire Metabolism so Tyrosine is possibly the most important Aromatic Amino Acid to consume daily. Sidebar Aromatic Amino Acids ARE ONLY PRODUCED IN PLANTS (via the shikimate pathway the target of GMO)!

We recommend based on the accumulation of these Ancient & Modern Measures to practice your Isometrics and Calisthenics out doors.

Isometrics is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint”.

Calisthenics is a form of exercise consisting of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups, such as running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. These exercises are often performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment, as bodyweight exercises”.

1. We recommend the sets be done for 60 reps at max speed (1 second per rep). Master Trainer Level (Elite Calisthenics Certification & Mastery of the SoulCraft Scroll required). Proof is simple, you should be able to perform 60 pushups, situps, dips, chinups or pullups in 1 minute & survive a live Q & A session of your peers. To be a complete master you must master every basic calisthenic. The true Master must return to the level of Apprentice once the exercises become too easy to continue to crack the Lactic Acid Threshold in a timely fashion.

2. If at least 60 reps at 1 second per repetition is not yet possible we recommend slowing down the first rep to 60 seconds between the concentric and eccentric in any combination you can, and continue on to perform 10 sets this way of at least 20 reps. Teacher Trainer Level (Elite Calisthenics Certification required). For clarity only the 1st rep is done in slow motion the following 19 reps are regular pace.

3. If thats not possible (actually even if you can do the first two) we recommend just using a isometric hold for 60 seconds and continue on to perform at least 10 sets this way. Apprentice Trainer Level (no certification required). Before this Level is Beginner.

*In order to maximize results you must develop a type of XRAY VISION or XRAY IMAGINATION, during your exercises you must practice visualizing the inner workings of the muscles you are activating this is BEYOND MIND/MUSCLE connection.

Our goal is to not waste any workouts! Apprentice level training still allows you to tap into the regenerative pool of compounds your body produces with NO joint pressure and very little strength, by just holding calisthenics postures for 60+ seconds. Teacher level training is the next step, you’ve built enough muscle fiber integrity, oxygen storage & nerve integrity to do the 60 second hold and then complete 19 regular speed reps (of chosen calisthenic). Master level training is different there is no hold you break the Lactic Acid Threshold with pure speed, joining motion with aerobic & anaerobic work.

At each level you are not only triggering the “Soma”, testosterone, IGF1, Thyroxine/ Triiodothyronine and burning fat but you take control over Myostatin and Follistatin. Myostatin microRNA and Follistatin microRNA control muscle fiber growth which indirectly controls bone density/fat.

This is the proper pathway to empty Fat Cells and reverse Bone Rot. These 3 adjustments or patterns of movements when done alone or together will make sure the proper Lactic Acid Threshold is reached to trigger the release of Somatotropin with each set of exercise performed. This biochemical cascade also activates the Leydig cells to convert cholesterol (COAL ESTER OIL) into Testosterone (Anabolic Hormone Help compound). This in turn has a major effect on IGF1, in fact, this pattern of exercise produces IGF1. In the presence of Testosterone & Somatotropin the Fat released from Fat Cells is converted to Gas for energy purposes but also stimulates the liver to produce IGF1 (maximized by our Purple Phaze & Chromium/Vanadium Compounds). Cellulite development is a outward sign that the Liver, Fascia & Muscle are being overwhelmed by fat. Keep in mind cholesterol is a key component of ALL HEALING; VITAMIN D & ANABOLIC HORMONES are metabolites of Cholesterol.

This pattern of working the internal, external & cardiac muscle also maximize endorphin & dopamine production which make exercise “ADDICTIVE“. Dopamine provides a cheat code for Somatotropin because it increases the amount of Somatotropin released by the pituitary gland. The more you work the moor dopamine and “soma” however they cross catalyze one another which is as previously stated a super CHEAT CODE! (Water Melanin Nootropic Dopamine compound)

In the Purple Phaze we have added Willow Bark to reduce inflammation, maximize BLOOD FLOW and keep the pain receptors sensitive. We pay particular attention to the nerves which function with HEMOGLOBIN, NEUROGLOBIN, CYTOGLOBIN & MYOGLOBIN as energy storage/delivery system. This system is largely the key difference in the behavior of “Slow Twitch” & “Fast Twitch” muscle fibers.

Aerobic exercise (burns sugars mostly) is any type of cardiovascular conditioning. It can include activities like brisk walking, swimming, running, or cycling. You probably know it as “cardio.” By definition, aerobic exercise means “with oxygen.” Your breathing and heart rate will increase during aerobic activities. The primary target of Aerobic Exercise is Slow Twitch Fibers. Slow Twitch Fibers have a high Mitochondria, Capillary & MyoGlobin count which gives them moor Oxygen for energy production, great for long bouts of physical exertion like a marathon or a couple hours of sexual intercourse but not good for explosive movements or to push the Lactic Acid Threshold. Slow Twitch Fibers are ATPase poor so Oxygen is the main fuel source. Slow twitch muscles will recruit the Fast Twitch muscles once they are depleted, so there is a point where even Aerobic Exercise becomes Anaerobic Exercise. Slow Twitch muscles don’t physically grow as fast or large as Fast Twitch however their growth is based in oxygen storage, the more you work them the more effective the pigments become with oxygen management.

Anaerobic exercise (burns fatty acids mostly) is a type of exercise that breaks down glucose in the body without using oxygen, as anaerobic means “without oxygen”. In practical terms, this means that anaerobic exercise is harder but shorter than aerobic exercise. The primary target of Anaerobic Exercise is Fast Twitch Fibers. Fast Twitch Fibers have low Mitochondria, Capillary & MyoGlobin count but they are loaded with ATPase which gives them less Oxygen for energy production however they are great for explosive movements or to push the Lactic Acid Threshold. The ATPase allows maximum Light production via ATP recycling. These qualities are what set Fast Twitch muscles apart, Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers grow FASTER & LARGER than slow twitch offering a moor pronounced effect on BioChemistry.

*Joint Rotations time should be taken daily to simply rotate the basic joints ie.. toes, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers and the neck, this is great for fluid/gas exchange in and around the joint!

Our system of exercise combines the benefits of Aerobic & Anaerobic exercise to maximize oxygen/electron utilization known as Redox while constantly hitting the Lactic Acid Threshold to maximize IGF1, Testosterone & Somatotropin release combined with activation of the complete Reward Circuit in the Brain. I think thats why jumping rope and swimming are so amazing because it’s both types of workout and works all muscle alike.

Harvard University stated that 10% of your total body fat is Visceral Fat, the Most Dangerous Fat in the body.

Visceral Fat – Fat that smothers the organs and grows in the organs disrupting your BioChemistry. Visceral Fat helps to grow Bone Fat or Marrow Adipose Tissue. Many times “Stubborn Belly Fat” is Visceral Fat that accumulates in and under the body’s Apron. We all have an Apron that covers our Abdomen called the Omentum or Greater Omentum. Nice Abs = Clean Apron!

Subcutaneous Fat – Fat just beneath the skin, unhealthy yes but not as harmful as visceral fat. Being in “In Shape” is between 9-18% for women & 3-12% for men in general.


Many people quietly suffer from rectal prolapse (colon comes out of the anus) in silence, they either switch to baby wipes instead of toilet tissue or they go have surgery. Belly Fat & Dehydration are the culprits behind this silent epidemic and much moor. The Core/Toroid is particularly plagued by fat causing atrophy to the Pelvic Floor, Erector Spinae, Psoas, Lumborum (Pillars of the Spine which Establish Stability and Strength) & Multifidus as well as the Transverse, Obliques, Serratus, Rectus, Inguinal. This Fat build up causes the loss of Geometry in the entire body resulting in back pain, nerve damage, brain/heart trauma and even organ failure!



The Brain will constantly Reward you because this type of Culture & its associated Custom’s effects on fat storage. Our Culture & its associated Customs allows one to maintain a high enough Basal Metabolic Rate and plasma pigment level to obliterate visceral fat from in & around the organs. The also keeps the Cytoplasm clean and the Microtubule system free from debris for Light production. This is a major victory in Anti-Aging as the body will neutralize floating stress hormones & lower production of stress hormones which allows FOLLISTATIN, IGF1, Testosterone & Somatotropin to be maximized.


Exercises: The Toroid or Core of the body and its extremities exchange “energy” all the time. Working the extremities starts always with the inner core Heart/Brain Axis and then radiates to the extremities where information is converted to various types of energy, which is radiated back towards the outer core. This type of internal radiation happens over and over until the “energy” dissipates. This radiation is what causes the “after burner” effect or elevated Basal Metabolism Rate spoken so highly of.

Inertia – a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external Force.

Force – A force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object’s interaction with another object. Whenever there is an interaction between two objects, there is a force upon each of the objects.

Gravity” – also called gravitation, in mechanics, the universal force of attraction acting between all matter. It is by far the weakest known force in nature and thus plays no role in determining the internal properties of everyday matter. The quotations are there so we don’t debate the existence of gravity and we can use it as a simple adjective to describe a phenomena.

Motion – In physics, motion is the phenomenon in which an object changes its position over “time”. The quotations are there so we don’t debate the existence of time and we can use it as a simple adjective to describe a phenomena.

Momentum – the quantity or force of motion that an object has.
Strength – ability to withstand an applied stress or force without failure (Hormesis training

builds strength).

Power – the rate at which work is done (or energy is transferred).

Energy – the capacity for doing work.

Work – the process of energy transfer to the MOTION of an object via application of a force.

Torque – a Spiraling force that causes rotation.

Torsion – the motion of Spiraling itself as a result of Torque.

Pulling Exercises are “Attractive” and work with inertia to build strength ie… Chin-Ups, Pull- Ups, Inverted Rows etc…

Pushing Exercises are “Repulsive” and work against inertia to build strength ie… Push-Ups, Dips, Squats etc…

Motion Exercises are Dynamic and maximize Torque to push the ability of the body to synchronize muscle contractions, oxygen storage/transport, lactic acid metabolism and hypertrophy ie.. Sprints, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, Power Skipping etc..

Anti-Gravity Exercises are Isometric but all isometric exercises are not anti-gravity so we are referring to planks, squat holds, leg raise holds, superman planks on your belly etc…

Power Exercises are lower body exercises ie.. Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises etc…

Morning Light (holding a squat position with a PRX hold, arms fully extended) with PRX combines Power, Anti-Gravity & Pulling with XRay Imagination to kickstart the metabolism, neurochemistry, anabolic hormone cascade, boost detoxification and more in a 60 second “time” frame.


*Cleaning & Folding your Apron!

Equipment: PRX, Jump Rope, Running Parachute, Water (Swimming)

Conclusion: Various studies have shown that particular patterns of exercise and diet can regulate endothelin-1, plasma d-dimer, plasma ceramide & plasma renin levels. Endothelin-1, plasma d-dimer, plasma ceramide, plasma renin & bone density levels differ among haplotypes however we have a system that meets the needs of all walks of life.

Our Sensory Systems via Proprioception, Nociception, Exteroception, Interoception, Mechanoreception, give us the ability to regulate and be the Master Builders of our Temples. Photovoltaism (converting light into energy), Chemluminescence (producing light from minerals) & Electrochemical (producing electricity from minerals) Bioelectricity are the true sources of Strength. Strength has to be understood as a result of neuromuscular activity in order for our Culture & Customs to properly translate into the production of Physically & Cognitively fit Centenarians. Strength is a combination of electrical stimulation through the nerves (long neurons) and muscle fiber recruitment.

Calcium – Primary mineral for muscle contraction.

Magnesium – Primary mineral for muscle relaxation.

Sodium – Primary mineral for extracellular nerve/neuron electric potential.

Potassium – Primary mineral for intracellular nerve/neuron electric potential.

The interior of healthy nerve cell are always (usually) negatively charged about -70mv. To create an action potential, khemicals (electrolytes) carry a positive charge into the cell which reverses the charge to +40mv. This is a cornerstone in the foundation of “strength”. These and many more electromagnetic phenomena are what we interpret as strength. This product of the external muscles is designed to be transferred to the interior muscles (organs) in order to keep them “strong”. Our goal for longevity is contingent on the integrity of the internal muscles.

In skeletal muscle there has been documented the difference between training max. strength (max. strength possible during workout) & competition max. strength (max strength possible with “emotional excitement”), there is a 10-35% difference in strength output from the conversion of emotion into power (evidenced by elevated heart rates & cardiovascular stress). The Brain, Heart & Spine are the centers of strength, we naturally train all of our lives to build neural networks that allow us to control our external muscle, we have to begin to consciously strengthen our internal muscles (ORGANS).

The way we approach the development of the external muscle allows us to produce sufficient mitochondria and power to maximize full Motion Exercises which activate and push all of the internal organs to work, beyond the basal rate of exertion. Intensity levels on Motion Exercises should be gauged very carefully as to not exceed the fuel for PhotoVoltaism, Electricochemical Bioelectricity & Chemiluminescence. Intensity levels on Motion Exercises must also follow a strict observance of regeneration, as to not break down tissue (cell groups) faster than they can be replaced. Understanding the roles of Nutrition, Cellular Communication & Mitochondria in Strength is the key to organ integrity and longevity.

Today’s (2020ad) leading Killers are Heart and Brain disease, in that order. The key that we need to focus on that unites the Heart & Brain are the Mitochondria. The highest concentration of Mitochondria in humans are in the Heart & Brain; it’s what separates us from the Primates. The beautiful thing is that we can control the behavior of our Mitochondria population via Diet & Exercise, which translates largely into controlling our NeuroChemistry, CardioChemistry & overall BioChemistry. Poor habits and customs lead to the Mitochondria contributing to visceral fat deposits in the cells and tissues.

The Leading cause of Cardiovascular Disease is Type 2 Diabetes (metabolic disease), the primary symptoms are a combination of Leptin & Insulin Resistance. These Exercises have been demonstrated in multiple “clinical” studies to increase Leptin & Insulin Sensitivity. During intense exercise routines where Sugar & Fat are being used as fuel, the Gas we exhale serves a vital function on its way out. These Gaseous end products of Metabolism lower A1C levels by reversing the damage from Advance Glycation End Products & clean RBCs.

A1C is a blood test for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. It measures your average blood glucose, or blood sugar, level over the past 3 months. The A1C test measures the glucose (blood sugar) in your blood by assessing the amount of what’s called glycated hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein within red blood cells. As glucose enters the bloodstream, it binds to hemoglobin, or glycates”.

Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) are harmful compounds that are formed when protein or fat combine with sugar in the bloodstream. Biochemistry of AGE, Glycation is the non-enzymatic reaction between reducing sugars, such as glucose, and proteins, lipids or nucleic acids”.

Sitting for prolonged hours can lead to poor circulation throughout the body.
Once circulation slows down due to sitting, your blood remains in the feet and legs, ultimately reducing blood flow. For those suffering with nerve pain, the lack of nutrients and oxygen from a proper blood flow can be harmful. Diabetes causes blood vessels of the foot and leg to narrow and harden”.

The Longest Muscle in the Human Body is the Sartorius, the Gluteus Maximus & the Quadriceps (4 braided muscles) are 2 of the top 3 Largest Muscle sets in the body. You also have the Iliopsoas which connects the thighs to the Abdomen. The Hamstrings (3 braided muscles) are the muscles at the back of the thigh. Gastrocnemius & Soleus connect the feet up to the knee. The legs should be worked DAILY, not always heavy Anaerobic routines, you need to recover but Aerobic work should never be skipped. Apart of this physical, mental & spiritual work is recapturing the essence of being Youthful, so if it’s not sore work it!

Your legs are built to funnel energy from the ground (feet) up to the Torso (Toroid) for distribution throughout the rest of the Upper Body. Carbohydrates, Insulin etc.. are sent to the lower body to feed the muscle tissue. Not using your legs daily greatly changes your health for the worst.

*Females need push-ups for Breast Health to reduce the risks of Breast Cancer. Males and Females need the stimulation of Jumping on the Testicles & Breast. Aerobically doing Calisthenics & Isometrics will strengthen the internal organs ie.. the Lungs, Brain, Diaphragm/ Toroid, particularly the Heart (Magnetism), which is the focal point of Cardiovascular disease.

These are not random facts, the Skeletal Muscle is the largest determinant of Blood Sugar, Insulin, Glycogen & Leptin Metabolism in the Human Body. Luxury & Technology are just as large a contributor if not a larger contributor to Type 2 Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease as Processed Foods. We have changed over 100,000 lives with Diet & Nutrition, we have done what many consider to be impossible, Healing. Creating and Participating in a Culture with Customs that combines the proper Exercises with the proper Diet & Nutrition, will end the reign of the World’s #1 Killer.

Stomach Growling & the Post Workout Window – if you provide the body with all the proper nutrients Stomach Growling & the Post Workout Appetite can be used to shed fat, however many people fall victim to trends and the inner voice of food addiction, leading them to weaponize their new workout routine against themselves. If being moor healthy is your goal do not EAT A WHOLE BUNCH OF FOOD OR DRINK HIGH CALORIE SMOOTHIES with the justification of Post Workout blah blah blah. Instead, allow that window of fast Metabolism to clear the blood of sugars and insulin while also allowing the Cells to cleanse themselves. Those lil windows 30-45 minutes post workout can be seen as lil Mini Fasts. This is of course dependent on your personal goals and health status which should always form your BioChemical Moral Compass

How long should I exercise? How long should I take these Herbs? How long should I continue to eat this way?

Practicing this Art of internal Greening (SWADJ/Mommatomix) or SoulCrafting for 30 days allows the body to Detox itself and renew the Tastebuds, Stomach, Colon & Intestines while repopulating the Platelets & Alveoli, while creating new Eosinophils & Neutrophils complete with Osteoclasts to break down fatty or rotten bone and repopulate the Skin Cells. When “Enqis Detox Kit” designed to target and upregulate the NRF2 system is used within this 30 day period MitoHormesis is maximized. The NRF2 system is largely responsible for REDOX and restoring the cells to Homeostasis after each session of Hypertrophy & Lactic Acid Overload.

21 Day Detox

3 capsules & 3 16oz cups of water per meal – 3 Days

2 capsules & 2 16oz cups of water per meal – 8 Days

1 capsules & 1 16oz cups of water per meal – 10 Days

4-8 Drops of Momatomix in each cup of Water Mitochondrial Detox Capsules are Kemeluminescence

Practicing this Art for 90 days allows the body to Recover its energy levels through new sperm cell production, new beta cells in the pancreas, new trachea cell production for oxygen consumption & metabolism, new hematopoietic stem cells, new B Cells to populate the lymphatic system and produce Antibodies to keep the HLA system hyper functional, new osteoblasts to produce new Bone Matrix for renewing the Rotten or Fatty tissues of the Bone.

Practicing this Art for 270 days allows the body to begin Regeneration of its deeper tissues by turning over the Blood Supply and building new Liver cells to control Carbohydrate Metabolism, IGF1, Nutrient Distribution and Gas Management.

Practicing this Art for 1080 days allows the body to begin long term changes that can only be achieved when SoulCrafting has become a lifestyle. In this window if the body is supplied with adequate Iron and DHA the body will begin to replace it’s WHITE ADIPOSE TISSUE with BLACK ADIPOSE TISSUE changing the metabolic rate and thermogenic regulatory system.

Practicing this Art for 2430 days allows the body to focus on its Magnetic Core and replace it’s Cardiomyocytes. These cells may be considered the focal point in CARDIOVASCULAR disease which by now if nothing else you should see why last ditch efforts at achieving health are in many instances fruitless.

Practicing this Art for 5670 days allows the body to finally begin MUSCLE & TENDON changing along with NON-EPITHELIAL CELLS. The threshold of 5670 consecutive days of SoulCrafting allows the body to begin to access it’s physical potential and transition to BONE MARROW, BRAIN & SPINAL “CHORD” regeneration. Sitting atop the pyramid of regeneration we formulated two compounds for Muscle/Tendons & Brain/Marrow called Muscle Drip & Muscle Plants.

Do not fear the 5670 days, the moment you begin this path your BIOLOGICAL TIME will begin to slow down so that you will have the “time” to perfect the 1 physical and tangible thing your Ancestors left you: your flesh and bones! There is a caveat to this science if you should happen to let 27-30 days passed where you are not practicing your new culture and customs your body will drift back into deterioration mode. If you stay consistent the smaller cycles repeat themselves within the larger cycles, Cellular Regeneration is a Fractal Pattern governed in essence by the Fibonacci sequence.

These dietary practices work for everyone, no matter the condition you begin in! These practices will take you down the path of Healing. The depths to which you study this scroll will determine your success fiscally and physically. We hope to change the world with this information so it is being given to you freely we just ask that you reference us when you teach and share! Be mindful of every form of Electromagnetism you consume ie.. TV, Lightbulbs, Music etc…

Last but not least Sports and Workout related injuries, why do they either reoccur or begin a series of injuries? Simple, the above pattern of cell appearance, growth and strengthening is not fully understood. In order to restore function the body transfers pressure to other muscles, joints and tendons which restores mobility and alleviates pain HOWEVER THIS IS NOT A HEALING!!! In many cases there needs to be 1-3 years of rehab which is not possible in the Sports World so they attribute this series of injuries to Age and move on.

*Your “WILL” is attached to your “SOUL” being forced to live in fear or do things, eat things, have relations, jobs etc.. that you do not enjoy long term DESTROY YOUR SOUL! Let this this scroll be a TOKEN of love from you to the unenlightened or those who are rough around the edges to enlighten the Profane.

To watch the SoulCraft Documentary Series FREE!!! Goto IKINGSOULCRAFT.COM and enjoy all the videos and lectures leading up to the Documentary including the Lucid Dreaming Series!!!! All Free!!!

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Love & Light to you and yours from the Doctor with the Gold Teeth!

Prism. (Science: microscopy) A transparent body with at least two polished plane faces inclined with respect to each other, from which light is reflected or through which light is refracted

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