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Title: Melanin vs Diabetes & Electromagnetic Tissue

Authors: Dr. EnQi Real, Chase Duquesnay, Falcon Serrant, Osiris Serrant, Amoor Duquesnay & Aubree Duquesnay

Affiliations: Drenqi.com

Purpose: To establish the link between metabolic illness & Eumelanin Dominant People. Eumelanin & Pheomelanin Dominant People are known around the globe to have a 200% higher risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s & Dementia as Melanin Recessive people. To make matters worst Alzheimer’s has a 15-40 year incubation period which complicates the illness. With this in mind our goal was clear, pin point the flaws in our biochemistry and neurochemistry that serve as the foundations to these problems, then provide working solutions.

There is a clear link between metabolic illness & Eumelanin Dominant People that is not genetic in the traditional sense of gene based disease. To make sense of this anomaly many scientists, doctors and naturopaths have adopted the pseudo-model that metabolic illness is solely based on lifestyle. We have conducted a 8 year study which has yielded profound results that disqualifies both previous theories of genetics & lifestyle.

Introduction: Type 2 Diabetes has plagued Eumelanin Dominant People in unprecedented numbers culminating in a 200 years of premature aging, sickness & death. T2D is typically referenced by high insulin and blood sugar levels, however we also wanna highlight the different forms of sugar that may be found in organs: Fructose, Glycerol (Triglycerides), Glycogen & Ribose. The underlying cause seemed to be an uncoupling between respiratory tissue and metabolically active tissue , which pointed us in the direction of Max Kieiber and his work relating scaling mass to energy production.

After a comparative analysis of Kleibers Law and all of the counter arguments we began to examine the experimental science of Antoine Lavoisier, Edward Pfluger, Julius Sachs and Max Rubner. We found serious flaws in the studies that support the underlining theses. All of the studies subsequent experiments to verify their findings were performed on Eumelanin Recessive People, Animals and Plants. There were no studies that focused on Eumelanin Dominant Individuals.

The closest studies we could find examined muscle fiber differences in Eumelanin Recessive Individuals & Eumelanin Dominant Individuals as well as a study on the difference in lung size. These studies created more questions than answers, which provided the impetus to study Eumelanin Dominant Individuals & Eumelanin Recessive Individuals in their everyday lives, with they everyday stress & work loads.

Method: Over a 8 year period we studied the lifestyles of 147 Eumelanin Dominant People with Lupus, Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Aids and differing levels of obesity against a clean eating, gym oriented control group. We compared that to a similar study we conducted on smaller groups of 64 Eumelanin Recessive People.

We put everyone on a 40 Day Fast that incorporates a transition from a clean animal based routine to a vegan routine then on to a limited calorie intake liquid fast. Prime example, 100 grams of “protein” on average is only 400 calories so nutrient density was our key focus over generic calories. On the flip side 1 serving of animal protein was found to increase risk for T2D by 51%, in a world where we are trained to have animal protein at each of our 3-5 meals as well as during snacks or animal protein as a whey protein shake in between meals. This was all very confusing for me as a health professional and as a father responsible for feeding my family.

I wanted to push the boundaries of calorie deficit vs calorie surplus as far as humanly possible to find the optimum range for energy and nutrient density.

Every participant had supplements added to insure nutrient density regardless of caloric intake, later they would become collectively known as the Melanin Disease Kit.

Summary: We conducted a 8 year study on calorie consumption, energy production and metabolic illness in 147 Eumelanin Dominant People of different nationalities and compared them against a group of 64 Eumelanin Recessive People over a 8 year period. The study measured in real time stress & pressure management on a variety of vegan & non vegan diets. We found inverse relationship between pigment/muscle fiber type vs lung size, that previously had been overlooked in the pathophysiology of metabolic illness. All participants showed boosts in the anti-aging (stem cell count and activity) and reduction in diverse inflammatory markers.

Abstract: The advanced pigmentation of eumelanin dominant peoples around the globe present a wide array of chemiluminescent phenomenon  accounted for in modern science, this scientific blind spot on the functional physiology of eumelanin dominant people is the #1 cause of premature aging, sickness & death.

We put people on a 40 day fast (high pigment and fiber diet) where they gradually step down in calories. All of the participants lost weight while retaining their mental focus. A unexpected result was improved mental health especially in bipolar and epileptic participants. They even began doubling and tripling what their normal daily work load was, reporting “a second puberty”, many while healing from various metabolic illness & mental illness. Many participants engaged in exercise which we focus on 3 main areas the Lower Back, Glutes & Quads; these key areas reduced overall fat and helped to clean the Grand Omentum (the apron) to varying degrees of “stubborn belly fat”.

We examined the 211 people over time and concluded that there are serious energy production differences among animals and humans, then amongst the races. We further surmise these differences to be the prime cause In metabolic illness and type 2 diabetes rates as well as the subsequent complications and death toll.

Main Texts: Biological Laws & or Theories are based on the rate of or frequency of occurrence. The 200% difference in Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia potential, highlights the incredible need for further study into the Respiratory & Metabolic differences between Equatorial & Polar Haplotypes. I would also include the need for further study on Inflammatory Markers by race.

The studies in the last 200+ years have not included Eumelanin Dominant People in their hypothetical or experimental portions however they are used as guidelines for the surgical, medical, dietary & physical regimens of Eumelanin Dominant People. The documented frequency of of T2 Diabetes amongst all types of Eumelanin Dominant Individuals clearly indicated a disparity in the scientific literature on metabolism & respiration.

The current literature is based on plants, animals, and melanin recessive people, categorizing their tissues into two categories; metabolically active tissue and reserve tissues that use little to no resources. Eumelanin Dominant People have a third category of tissue,  self inductive. Counter intuitive as it may be, the study lead to multiple pathways and cycles of self inductive activity. Photovoltaism and sonoluminescence being the two primary initiators of a wide variety of chemiluminescent phenomena.

The observed electromagnetic phenomena coupled with the long known differences in physiology, revealed a primary pathway for energy production among all life forms. Photovaltiac & sonoluminescent self induction elucidate the hyper efficient metabolism of Eumelanin Dominant People although not exclusive to them, making excess calories a major risk factor for premature aging sickness & death.

Eumelanin in the dermis, glands, organs, tissues & cells harnesses light and sound as primary resources for energy production change the internal landscape of “respiration”, even the cutaneous gas exchange rate is different. To clarify and level the intellectual playing field we need to state some peculiar characteristics of EuMelanin and Neuromelanin. Eumelanin and Neuromelanin have been scientifically classified as Semiconductors, Conductors and Superconductors which to me demonstrate that they don’t fit into any of those categories.

These two forms of melanin need a new category as I have no knowledge of any other biological substance that fits into all of these classifications without synthetic alterations or additions. I am going to name that classification Conscious Conductors simply because these pigment change behavior based on the needs of the tissues, mineral resources (neuromelanin seems to have a “entanglement” with silver and PGMs) available, hydration and light source.

Environment is everything, Melanin can be a semiconductor, conductor or superconductor but more importantly for the scope of this work we need to highlight that Melanin can be rendered inert. Sugar crystals specifically can and often do render melanin Inert. This process can also make Melanocytes malignant and even toxic. Diabetes as we will see “dumbs down” all biological pigments however I will elaborate more thoroughly throughout the course of this work.

The structuring of water into a gel like cytoplasm and its coherent domains exhibit a variety of energy producing and amplifying phenomena that when coupled with Eumelanin, are sufficient to replace a large portion of calories & help facilitate biochemistry.

Cellular respiration is defined by the conversion of chemical energy from oxygen and “food” creating co2 & h2o as waste products, therefore energy from water and melanin fall into an entirely new category which is primary to the former.

The EnQi cycle represents the completely new science of Hydrohemophotophysiology. In the science of hydrohemophotopysiology water is not a waste product of energy production, but the focal point of energy production. The water released from mitochondrial respiration is apart of the many energy producing and amplifying phenomena exhibited by water.

You should notice a running theme here with the “waste products”!!!

There was no way I could rest with this in mind…

Muscle tissue itself which is the primary site of glucose I hypothesized should have a relationship to this property of water, which I only had to dust off my old personal trainer textbooks to find. Mechanical Waves are sound waves and mechanical tension is the parent of hypertrophy or muscle growth. Glycogen, Glucose & Triglycerides serve as the potential energy reserve of muscle tissue, obesity and blood sugar are clear signs of uncoupling between energy. storage and usage. Muscle Atrophy was beginning to point me towards a completely new understanding of human tissue and energy synthesis.

Eumelanin creates electromagnetic tissue capable of metabolizing the many facets of energy from water as well as external light and sound. The degree of pigmentation represent a high propensity to utilize these more subtle forms of energy production constituting an inverse relationship to calories. The standard diet created based on plant, animal and melanin recessive individuals and has proven itself to be insufficient and even dangerous to the health of eumelanin dominant individuals.

Our 8 year research has reversed many health conditions in Eumelanin Dominant, Pheomelanin Dominant and Melanin Recessive people by creating a completely new paradigm, relating respiration and metabolism to the amount of pigment in lieu of gross mass. In changing the basic tenets of energy production, expression and metabolism, we relate gross mass to nutrient and fiber deficient foods as dangerous to the subtle but primary source of energy production. In 100% of the people observed we saw improvement of every manner of physical & mental health as well as more energy from less food.

Of all participants tested they displayed improved c-reactive protein, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, plasma viscosity, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, alkaline phosphatase as well as IL-6/IL-1 levels. Based on the results we also hypothesized that we were able to control il-4, il-17 & TNF with our program.

Our break through in creating this paradigm shift came from ancient text, we discovered that the Eye of Heru symbol had more to do with neurochemistry than mythological stories of Gods and Goddesses.

One clue that Horus, the God of Kingship was related in a very intimate way with the inner workings of the brain is the Khafre Enthroned statue. The statue itself is a riddle. When you view the statue from the front which most people have you don’t get it…

Unless you know what your looking for, you miss it. Take a walk around the statue and then boom, the wildest riddle pops out at you!

The Eye of Heru is a symbol of the root of the Soul or Consciousness. Our consciousness arises in the body via the constant oxidation of Phosphorus producing light absorbed by melanin added to the EnQi Cycle. The focal point of this system is the 3rd ventricle in the Brain and the Eye of Horus depicts just that. The senses or aspects of consciousness arise from the Coherent Domain Vortex in the 3rd ventricle. Pigment is the Lens of Life. A coherent domain in regards to biology functions as a a fountain of energy and information that pigment processing into the tapestry of Life, Love & Color.



The Falcon even flys in Logarithmic Spirals which its iconography.


Soma is an extract of a mysterious plant that is known to renew the flesh. The problem is that to the uninitiated that have not spent any time studying the Soul, the plant of the Soul is unknown to them. The plant of the Soul has always been referred to in allegory to keep its identity secret to the profane. The Lotus in many instances like the “Soma” has been used in this way. The actual Flower of the Soul, is the Brain with its stem growing in the living waters of the Human, the flesh being the most profound “soil” on Earth. Resveratrol is a Tyrosine analogue (the focus of our Histonic Compound [co-created by Kamani Tait] for Histone health). Lotus has the highest levels of Tyrosine of all plants. The extract of the Lotus, for further link with the Legend of Osiris known as the Perfect Black, induces Melanogenesis or Melanin Production (just an fyi). Soma is the extract of the Brain that renews the flesh continually when “pressed” or pressured, through the proper application of FORCE or Reverse Enertia we call Hormesis Training. Somatotropin is the Tyrosine based Hormone that is produced from the Brain that continually renews the body. Melanin Concentrating Hormone stimulates Somatotropin (& fat loss). Sunlight absorption boosts testosterone. Melanophores have been identified as Smooth Muscle Cells in disguise. – Dr. Enqi Sang Real Soulcraft Scroll

Think about what I wrote in the Soulcraft scroll, think about what you know after the 11 hour Diabetes Special Soulcraft Documentary vol 7, in light of the “Soma” (pun intended)… Melanin sits at the center of energy utilization in every cell and controls all of the DNA/RNA, Mitochondria, NRF2 & Sirtuins via NAD. Our Ancestors left us a true map and I have solved the riddle. I could not do it without you though, and what I’ve learned I can’t implement without you. The question now is what are you waiting for to go all in with me?

The Riddle that this ancient symbol presented gave me the insight I needed to discover what we now know as The Enqi Cycle, this is the most fundamental energy cycle in the Human Body. The Enqi Cycle produces not only the energy that animates the body but it produces the soul (consciousness or awareness) as well on a larger scale.

In every cell the Coherent Domain vortices in its waters convert sound into light and movement into free electrons, both of which are absorbed then distributed through the body via melanin. MELANIN IS PHOTOVOLTAIC THAT NEEDS TO BE UNDERSTOOD TOO.





In the 3rd ventricle of the Brain (the HEART of the Brain) there is a larger more electric vortex than any other place in the Human Body. This vortex is filled with very conductive Cerebral Spinal Fluid complete with a variety of “phosphorus” (light bearing) & “iron” (magnetic field bearing) compounds. This vortex is the fountain of eternal youth and the origin of Human Consciousness. Hydrogen is the first element of the Periodic Table and the key to our Consciousness and our Health. This vortex of phosphorus and iron compounds creates a unique self stirring magnetic field in the 3rd ventricle that may also function as a reaction center to collapse brain waves into our reality.

The 3rd ventricle of the brain is special because it has the fountain of awareness and because it is the origin of the pineal gland. The Pineal Gland is the encoder of the Human Body’s Magnetic Field or Mind. The Pineal Gland accomplishes this feat by transferring the information via the Förster resonance energy transfer with each Red Blood Cell that passes through it.

The RBCs take the light (information) back to the Heart to be stored in the body’s magnetic field or the mind. Usually I use mind, soul, spirit and consciousness etc… interchangeably but in this article we need clarity between these terms and their relations.

The Soul and the Consciousness are synonyms, this is the light of awareness that arises from the sustained standing waves of phosphate and iron compounds powered by sound in water perpetuated by melanin. This system of Light Circulation (lightbody) is connected to the Spirit through the Heart.

The Spirit of the body is the Magnetic Field which surrounds it just like the magnetosphere of this planet. This magnetic field is where all your knowledge and experiences are stored. Human memory is a complex form of non-volatile memory which is the reason Neuro-Melanin is fitted with Iron in cerebral spinal fluid this loaded with various forms of phosphorus & iron.

Cerebral Spinal Fluid has sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, chlorides, phosphates, bicarbonates, sulfates and IRON (Ferritin & Fe 2), which allows for advanced information transfer. Many of the “proteins” in cerebral spinal fluids are Iron Complexes.

The flow of light throughout CNS is akin to Alternating Current vs the PNS where the flow of light is more akin to Direct Current flowing away from the cells towards the CNS.

Water has many unique and magickal qualities one of which is the ability to unify and conduct a variety of energy waves at the same time. It’s my theory that this is why melanin is always submerged in body.

All of the pigments in the body function in complimentary aspects to route light and information to the nearest melanin center in the body, all of the pigments lead by melanin function as one big sensory organ giving us smell, sight, thought, hearing, touch & taste. Awareness, Consciousness or having a Soul is the perpetual flow of light through the “lens” of Melanin.

When we are born we have a pretty empty hard drive or spirit. Although we can perceive, our pineal glands aren’t fully developed until 12 – 36 months of age. Once we have a fully developed pineal gland we can begin transferring what we perceive to the Mind.

Once we perceive a thing we have a binary choice, act or ignore. Life is largely a process of learning and being taught. Each situation, each exposure is a learning experience wether we are conscious of it or not. Each thing we learn becomes a “algorithm” in our mind which creates the options of response to the things we perceive. These algorithms become our personality.

The beautiful gift of “thinking” or processing information is that our brain and mind combine to facilitate GENIUS. Genius is the ability to recognize and store patterns. Patterns allow us the ability to move outside the box of linear thinking in a way, when we begin to process patterns instead of the singular “if this then that” type of thinking.

The more well developed the brain is the more complex patterns we can process and the faster we can process them. Each neuron has the ability to facilitate thought and we have 3 systems of neurons to do that. The PNS, the CNS and the Neurons in our “Brain”. Melanocytes are specialized relatives of Neurons that focus on energy reception and production vs information processing.

The function of Neurons & Melanocytes can be understood within the confines of Energy & Matter. The world is made of condensed light or electromagnetic radiation, light can only be perceived through the lens of pigment and understood as Mathematics. The brain only functions via mathematics because it can only process information in binary sets of options in a linear fashion. Patterns of information via Pictures or Music allow that linear process to happen at speeds so fast it seems like our brains are nonlinear.

The human mind has an infinite potential due to the exponential multiplicative force of a re-writable hard drive, limitless floppy discs and a limitless power supply (coherent domain of the 3rd ventricle). The 3rd ventricle is not just a limitless power source but it is also the home of the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland functions as the encoder of the information gathered and processed via the sensory system, onto our in house floppy disks or CDs (Red Blood Cells). The RBCs share information throughout the body and then are “reformatted” in the heart. The heart beat is as or more unique to each person than a fingerprint. Each pulse creates longitudinal and transverse waves while opening and closing the valves of the ventricles.

The kidneys, the digestive system & the bone marrow TOGETHER make Red Blood Cells. In Ancient Kmt the body was called the KHAT and considered holy because of it’s electromagnetic nature, The Holy Khat. Each of the body’s cells can be considered a kitten or miniature version of the whole. Each of the body’s cells HAVE MELANIN AND ARE CONNECTED VIA NEUROMELANATED CELLS. Our body is made of a melanin network or grid very similar to the tele-communications grid we have around our planet, to facilitate communication amongst the cells. The global grid is simply composed of copper wires or insulated glass like tubes, they “conduct” electricity and light (information) at high speeds. Our body has a very similar design.

Water and Melanin govern every function of the physical body and facilitate every radiant or electromagnetic higher function of the human body. All of the body’s water systems from Lymph, Interstitial Fluids, Cytoplasms etc.. & all of the body’s pigment systems culminate with or spring from the earliest developmental germ stages of gastrulation in a fetus. Melanocytes and Neurons (Nerve & Brain Cells) are initially the same cells from the ectoderm. This is not to say or hint that Melanin is not present at inception though because it is, Melanin is present during oogenesis and spermatogenesis. All stem cell niches have to be protected and incubated by Melanocytes.

Melanin and Water are the drivers of fetal development from Morula to Eye Color. Melanin is also at the center of Immune Function producing Major Histocompatibility Complex, CD40 & CD54 complete with a wide range of cytokines. The Melanin Axis (melanin for short) works closely in a very unique relationship with Langerhans & T-Cells, which was a key to the formulation approach we use that separates my products from all other herbal compounds (EXCLUDING NOONE).

The major purpose of this article is two fold 1 to make sure the I am properly credited for my work forever and ever, 2 to simplify how our bodies work which is the key to stopping this long term genocide against brown & black people through ignorance or scientific racism.

AMPK, FOX Proteins, mTOR have been identified as critical indicators of T2D damage severity and are regulated by the melanin system consisting of POMC, MCH, Neurons, Melanocytes, Melanosomes, Melanin Caps & Melanin.

AMPK – cellular fat and energy sensor, detects low glucose, low oxygen and cleans mitochondria. Processed foods and High Fat Diets lower AMPK while increasing insulin resistance. Key to our focus is the overall job of increasing ATP synthesis from Mitochondria and working with epinephrine possibly to burn fat. The primary target of AMPK is muscle tissue. Muscle cells produce Adiponectin which reduces fat cells and acts with AMPK to facilitate Melanogenesis.

Specific types of exercise are able to upregulate AMPK provided there are adequate amounts of T3/T4, sidebar our Purple Phaze compound targets AMPK and synergizes T3/T4. The AMPK pathway is the target of certain types of exercises which boosts Mitochondrial Biogenesis (which boosts creatine), boosts muscle glycogen and boosts GLUT4.

FOX Proteins – key transcription factors that regulate the genes responsible for cellular regeneration and longevity. Enduring high insulin levels inhibit FOX proteins however high FOX protein activity is known to quench high insulin levels. FOXO3 proteins are implicated in a wide variety of anti-aging and life saving process, however lil attention has been paid to the fact that FOXO3 proteins work through melanin.

mTOR – regulates cell growth and muscle synthesis, boosts pheomelanin synthesis and block eumelanin synthesis. These mTOR pathways are stimulated by (whey protein & dairy products).

We must stop following and supporting all “healers” and health “gurus” that are not teaching the EnQi Cycle coupled with the ReaL Cycle by name. If they don’t know this information they can’t free you and if they do not teach this science in my name they are con artist and the worst type of culture vultures. Every biological pathway and process is named as well as referred to by its founder, we will accept nothing less.

First I want to define people in 3 categories so we have clarity for the rest of this Article:

Black People (Light Skinned) – Eumelanin Dominant People

Red People – PheoMelanin Dominant People

White People – Melanin Recessive People

The need to clarify is based on the confusion between Nationality, Race and Spoken language, scientifically we need to accept that there are differences in how we are designed without malice.

Two particular differences are cholesterol and glycogen storage. Black People store more cholesterol naturally to produce Vitamin D as a Haplotype Trait and because we have higher amounts of Fast Twitch Muscle we store more Glycogen in the Liver and Skeletal Muscle, both are issues that contribute to the potential of T2D. Our bodies are designed to get 4-8 hours of midday sun to convert that cholesterol into Vitamin D Steroids and metabolize the glycogen from sundown to sun up.

The Real Cycle is the process by which Chemiluminescence facilitates physical & mental health. Conversely demonstrating in a simplified format how all Non-Genetic, Metabolic & Mental Illness stem from a genocidal blackout of our biochemistry/neurochemistry in Modern Science. This lack of understanding how the human body is designed creates a never ending mass of premature death and sickness. This epidemic of premature death and sickness is clearly genocidal when it is combined with a profit incentive to keep people “in the dark”.

The sun only regulates Human Biology through Melanin. All science textbooks need to be re-written and my name needs to be added with my findings as the basis for the new understanding of how the human body functions.

Take for example Vitamin D, all of the world discusses vitamin D’s benefits in a racist fashion. Vitamin D comes from Melanin. Every book, article and diagram you have ever seen without melanin in the production of Vitamin D is wrong, thus a tool of Identity Theft & even worse Genocide.

We need to understand not only the EnQi Cycle’s intracellular function in terms of energy production but that it is also the template which the entire body is built around. Even the microbiome produces electricity & light, the Microbiome is simply extracellular Mitochondria. Some groups produce as much as 100k electrons per second and think 39 trillion of them? Honestly where is all this light and electricity going? The Neurons in the Gut. These neurons need to couple iron to their melanin and the bacteria breathe iron, like we breathe oxygen.

The neurons and bacteria share light and this relationship may exists between bacteria many different types of cells or pigments. #The #Amoor #Cycle

Diabetes is a name to disguise Genocide, so before we continue with this brand new understanding of the body, we need a new name for Diabetes that accurately describes what it is.

Melanin Disease will be how we describe Type 2 Diabetes from here on out in this Article. The reason we need rename T2D as Melanin Disease is the biggest secret regarding Type 2 Diabetes, which is Melanin Concentrating Hormone. The primary feature of Melanin Disease should no longer be addressed as Insulin Resistance and High Blood Glucose. It should be Melanin Concentrating Hormone (MCH) Resistance.

The way Melanin Concentrating Hormone Resistance works is by bypassing #the #Enqi #Cycle creating addiction and dependence on carbohydrates. EVEN TYPE 1 DIABETICS should note that the Beta Cells have dopamine receptors because insulin production is regulated by Melanin as well as Sirtuin 4.

Melanin Concentrating Hormone Resistance (MCHR) victims unknowingly ignore the craving for light and electricity, then replace it with empty crystals (processed sugar) that also crave light or electricity. The crystals then attach themselves to every pigment and lipid they come in contact with, for this reason. Melanocytes & Neurons are Light Cells, they convert electromagnetic radiation into neurotransmitters to “speak” and in reverse they receive neurotransmitters which they convert into electromagnetic radiation to “listen”. Diabetes effectively makes these “Light” cells deaf, dumb & blind.

For clarity I will explain a little about Melanin Concentrating Hormone. MCH is the Master Hormone for REM sleep, Master Hormone for Glucose Homeostasis, Master Hormone for Fat Metabolism, Master Hormone for Emotional Stability, Master Hormone for Muscle Stimulation, Master Hormone for Brown Fat Thermogenesis and controls Addiction/Reward. This means Insulin, Ghrelin, Orexin and Leptin are secondary or tertiary to MCH function.

MCH even has a more indiscreet way of affecting blood sugar by regulating Melatonin, knowing how melatonin helps to regulate glucose while your sleep.

In cash value MCH is even superior to it’s much more famous child. The current prices on the scientific market are as follows:

1 Gram of synthetic to actual Melanin varieties at around $490

500 Micro Grams of Melanin Concentrating Hormone at around $515

The 3rd Ventricle should be seen as the center of a huge complex in the center of the brain, making the SCN, pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus (producer of MCH) etc… accessories.

The Master Clock of the body which regulates the electromagnetic function of the Body and all Circadian Rhythms is also the ventricle system in the brain. The ventricle system functions as an advanced Clepsydra or Water Clock, this is why the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus encases the 3rd ventricle. It only makes sense that the fountain of awareness be apart of facilitating the way we experience time, it’s also the “organ/gland” that joins our non-physical experience of time with the synchronization of our cells in real time.

All metabolic and mental health disorders relate back to one facet or another of the Real Cycle of Light. All chemiluminescence in the human body or chemically sourced BioPhoton emission are apart of the Real Cycle starting with Sound and Light routed through the various types of Melanin in the body and then converted into Neurotransmitters and Hormones (reactive [oxygen, carbonyl, nitrogen] species produced by mitochondria have to be absorbed by melanin or no cells could survive in your body).

The Neurotransmitters and Hormones then facilitate every aspect of your physiology. The Eye of Heru is an ancient map or compass that our Ancestors left us to find our way in dark times, enabling us to move in Light & Love. There are many groups of cells and tissues that have light cycles between the Real Cycle and the EnQi Cycle, however they can all be regulated by understanding Water & Melanin.

The Real Cycle vs The EnQi Cycle… The Real Cycle is whole body where as the EnQi Cycle is within each cell.

Sound & Light Physics ExtraCellular vs Sound & Light Physics Intracellular


Light begins with the eye and the skin, Black People have the same pigments in the skin as in the eye! This is another communication encoded in the Eye of Heru! From the eyes and skin, light is absorbed and re-radiated out through the body via Hormones, Neurotransmitters & Ionic Pulses. Light/Sound, Eyes/Skin, Brain Center, Glands, Cell’s Internal Melanin then on to the inner structures and enzymes of the cell, the Soular System. There is then the cycle from the Brain to the RBCs on to the Heart/Mind and back to the Brain again.

Light travels the body with the Real Cycle like a figure 8 or infinity sign. The cycle begins with incoming light and sound and ends with our “radiations”. We release light through our eyes, skin and breath not to mention the fact we exhale genetic material as well with each exhalation. Sound is created and radiated out from our body’s with every movement of every cell even each minute movement inside each cell. A primary example of Melanin Disease is the way Sugar causes Impotence and Amputations by crystalizing the pigments of the Blood Vessels called Melanopsin.

#The #Real #Cycle is how cells are coupled to their external environment, the cells receive the information and build all of their infrastructure to manage external pressure. This is also how all cells stay coupled to each other. I also want to inspire a entirely different type of research for Mental Health including but not limited to Emotional, Anxiety, Personality, Degenerative, Psychotic, Eating, Addiction & Trauma Disorders.

It only makes sense that Mental Illness be a malfunction of the system that facilitates consciousness, thought and our experience of time. We can further surmise that metabolic illness be a malfunction of the source of metabolism. All things being equal EuMelanin Dominant people should have the longest lifespan on a Solar Powered Planet.

Inspired by the Eye of Heru and all it’s secret let’s take one of the scariest aspects of Melanin Disease, Blindness. If we look at blindness from the traditional view it’s Vitamin A, Zeaxanthin, Chromium then meds then surgery back to meds until darkness. If we begin change our perspective to understanding the Real Cycle we incorporate light therapy, sound therapy and iodine. Daytime vision is regulated via Iodine hence the pigment of the cones in our eyes being named Iodopsin (Purple).

Two of the strangest correlations that remains a mystery in eye health is obesity and thickening of the choroid plexus then the replacement of healthy vessels with ill formed ill placed vessels. Iodine (t3/t4) plays a role in regulating blood vessel homeostasis, dopamine levels and obesity. Keep this in mind, the eyes are not only a pigment center that we can see without help but they are also a external part of the brain. Impotence, Amputations and Blindness share many features in the presence of the disease formerly known as T2D (Melanin Disease). Ask yourself how is it that Iodine regulates Intellect?

Upon further education and research many new aspects of our Light Bodies will be discovered, I want to share 3 more that we believe are fundamental to a proper understanding of the Human Body and the Soul. These cycles support the Real Cycle and the EnQi Cycle. It’s the disruption of these cycles that cause Advanced Aging.

Oxygen is a very unique element, which is the reason it is the source of respiration. Oxygen is magnetic and has the ability to absorb and store light. We are literally fire breathing dragons you can look up the articles written on the Spontaneous Chemiluminescence of Human Breath for further “proof”. We inhale and exhale light with every breath. Nicotine blocks these luminous and magnetic processes of oxygen and attacks Melanin at the same time, in fact because of the similar structure to NAD nicotine is attracted to Melanin. When NAD is low nicotine will replace NAD in the Enqi Cycle blocking energy while at the same time boosting WBC lysosomes that attack melanin.

Oxygen’s ability to absorb and store light increases when it can resonate with other oxygen or nitrogen atoms. They function like tuning forks when they crash into each other, tuning and increasing each other’s vibrations changing the magnetic field of oxygen. The ability of oxygen to absorb light is at the center of two of our cycles, the Sang Cycle and the Khepr Cycle.

Diabetics also have SPO2 and VO2 max diminished capacities which create inflammation furthering the damage of tissues. Animal meat saturated fatty acids in the diet activate adenine nucleotide translocase 2 (ANT2), a mitochondrial protein in fat cell membranes causing increased oxygen consumption, resulting in a acute hypoxia of these fat cells. Fat cells are under the direct control of neuromelanated cells (nerves), epinephrine releases fat to be metabolized as Glucose.

Lack of circulating oxygen ruins the cycles we have uncovered as well as the ability to burn fat and manage weight. The ability to process glycogen and metabolize fat neurons/nerves is a serious problem in the mechanics of T2D/Melanin Disease.

#The #Khepr #Cycle is what happens when UV light is release in water. The UV frees up more oxygen which stores more UV which frees up more Oxygen ….

#The #Sang #Cycle is what happens as the Red Light from Red Blood Cells are reflected into the surrounding waters of the circulatory system. The light is absorbed by the water increases the Coherent Domains which feed into the EnQi Cycle of energy production that drive cellular function.

Understanding Oxygen’s ability to interact in various capacities with light is crucial to understanding the Electromagnetic Nature of the Human Body & Soul.

Light is the major difference in the quality of oxygen inhaled through the mouth or the nose. When we breath into our noses we produce Nitric Oxide that enhances the oxygen’s ability to absorb and store light. The reason oxygen so easily couples to iron is because it is also magnetic. Oxygen & Iron are two magnets, they propagate magnetic fields of different sizes and strength all throughout the Human Body. This is why Nitric Oxide is required for proper circulation and vasodilation.

This brings us to the secret formula behind Bleu Magick Chondrus Crispus & Lichen Seamoss Gel. I could not even fully explain the purpose of the herbal blend mixed with Momatomix until now.

Iodine controls pigment production and the circulation of light in Human Plasmas. Iodine in the form of T3/T4 stimulate the production of POMC & provide a counter balance to MHC. Iodine controls circulation of light by acting as a “free radical” or electron acceptor to oxygen. Iodine may be the reason that “Black” People are Brown, Active Iodine in Water turns brown to reflect the electron movement from Oxygen. Oxygen is a well known bully as a free radical so one of the things I love about Iodine is its ability to bully the Bully.

When the body needs to increase the circulating light in it’s waters the brain releases Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and when the circulating light is at optimum levels, the brain release Melanin Concentrating Hormone to absorb and utilize the circulating light. In this way balance is always kept, TSH & MCH provide Maat. This is #the #Osiris #Cycle.

Lack of Iodines cause swelling in the Mitochondria which is the primary reason Polar Haplotypes have larger lungs and respiratory proteins. They evolved on a diet with lower amounts of Sea Vegetables and Deuterium. Lack of Iodines cause swelling in the thyroid and the whole body (obesity). Obesity in this aspect can be seen as a Light deficiency.

You may be wondering why is that we can’t see all this light the human body is able to emit (time backwards), the answer is simple our eyes operate within a small bandwidth however you can research Imaging of Ultraweak Spontaneous Photon Emission from Human Body Displaying Diurnal Rhythm. We are hoping that our discoveries of the Light Anatomy “shed light” on some of the mysteries of our true nature pushing the culture forward into an age of Healing, Love & Light.

Conclusion: The Real Cycle of light must become the primary system of education regarding the function of the human body. The Riddle of the Eye of Heru has yielded me the answers to many centuries old & new scientific mysteries:

a) the source of the Soul or Consciousness

b) the difference between the physical brain and the magnetic field we call the mind

c) the factual and functional electromagnetic nature of the human body

d) the true Nature of Type 2 Diabetes aka Melanin Disease

e) the place the Enqi Cycle plays in the overall function of your body

f) the nature of Melanin Pre Hormones and Hormones like MCH

g) the driving cycles behind light circulation

h) why are there so many Neurons in the Gut

i) the secret to anti-aging

All humans are designed around the relationship of water and pigment evidenced by the primary cells of the human body, neurons. The over consumption of carbohydrates and processed foods divorces the relationship of water and pigment, thus breaking the most basic cycle of cellular energy production.

To characterize the Basal Metabolic Rate on the relationship of metabolically active tissue (tissues that consume high amounts of resource) and reserve tissues that consume little to no resources overlooks the primary purpose of all pigmented tissues. Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Bilirubin, Hemoglobin, Myoglobin, Cytoglobin, Neuroglobin, Melanin, Neuromelanin, Photopsin, Neuropsin, Rhodopsin, Melanopsin, Panopsin & Iodopsin together create a plethora of electromagnetic tissues that produce their own energy under optimal conditions. This is the key to not just stopping T2 diabetes in it’s tracks but ending Advanced Aging.

Melanin Concentrating Hormone Resistance and Inhibition damage every biochemical and neurochemical aspect of the human anatomy attached to but not limited to: NAD, Vit D Steroids, POMC, Mitochondria, Interleukins, Cytokines, Gene Activation/Deactivation, Stem Cells, DNA/RNA, Fat Cells, Muscle Cells, Sirtuins, Histones, Neurotransmitters and Hormones which is how T2D opens the gateway to such a wide array of premature aging, sickness and death. Literally diabetes slowly “dumbs down” your pigment system and every aspect of your physiology dependent on it until complete biological illiteracy or death.

The “second” brain in the stomach is a great example, being composed of about 1/2 a billion neuromelanin cells is the target of Visceral Fat. Visceral Fat is the fat that has been most linked to T2D and we are pointing directly to its impact on the 500+ million brain cells & the microbiome here as the key targets in forming disease. Complicating matters even more is the relationship between visceral fat & endogenous retrovirus activity, endogenous retrovirus activity has been shown to greatly impact the expression and type of activity of Melanins, Melanosomes and Melanocytes.

Many people take muscle for granted by thinking that skeletal muscle is the only muscle there is, forgetting that the organs and glands are largely also composed of muscle tissue. The Heart, center of our body and the #1 cause of death is a muscle and the brain, center of our consciousness which is the #2 cause of death is not a muscle but must be worked like a muscle; they have to be coupled to energy consumption, metabolism and storage as do all of our tissues. Medical lethargy has become the norm in society leading the way for empty calories and sugar to drive our diet as opposed to our activity coupled with our genetic design, for eumelanin dominant people that genetic design has been ignored and hidden.

Muscle Fiber care must become a basic part of daily Hygiene. The body should be seen as the temple of the consciousness or soul and kept clean. The process of inner cleaning daily should be seen as daily worship and must be passed down as tradition. The Greater Omentum should receive particular care as it plays a critical role in many diseases, especially Melanin Disease formerly known as T2D. If we take care of our muscle fibers they will take care of our Pigment System and Melanin Axis.

Sugar coating membrane lipids and pigments (AGEs) has hidden contributions to cancer as well as advanced aging via excessive turn over of RBCs. This is almost a pseudo form of Hemolytic Anemia with the real complications of low iron and glutathione. This is a major source of Melanin depletion which cause the “hands” on the Horvath Clock to fly forwards. High blood sugar also destroys Stem Cell Lines of all sorts but particularly Haematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells. These basic but largely unknown facts affect society as a whole but have much more profound and dangerous effects on eumelanin dominant people.

Loss of intracellular melanosome, melanin and melanin cap activity increase the damage for reactive species, limit NRF2 function which leads to the Loss of Genetic Information in many cutting edge science circles. The major problem with LOI is that the scientist don’t understand that this is due to melanin inhibition.

Our 40 Day Fast, tailored compounds and exercise routines demonstrated in qualitative and quantitative studies repetitively the ability to counteract these issues. The Enqi Cycle directly stimulates the sirtuin family along with targeted exercise to strengthen and lengthen telomeres, as well as keeping Line-1 transposons in check.

Among many benefits our regimens put a limit on Amino Acid intake specifically but not limited to Methionine, Arginine, Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine. These amino acids are needed but in small amounts or they activate the mTOR system which has been demonstrated to stop the repair of cells by rerouting cellular energy into cell division from autophagy. Methionine has been clinically associated with higher body fat in the same way as leucine has been associated with high sugar levels.

Nicotine deserves its own article because it is particularly dangerous to melanin and all melanin cycles. Nicotine is attracted to melanin like a magnet. The Enqi Cycle highlights the relationship between melanin and NAD but NAD shares a remote family tree with Nicotine. This makes nicotine a sort of Melano-carcinogen and EnQi Cycle disrupter, which also has a secondary attack on melanin by boosting WBC lysosome activity. WBC lysosomes compete with melanosomes in some instances and in other the target melanin. Nicotine act towards WBCs in the same way as aromatase acts towards estrogens.

The 40 Day Fast we have is unique although many have attempted to duplicate it, our herbal compounds and gels are unique although many have attempted to duplicate them and our systems of subtle Hormesis Training is unique although many have attempted to duplicate them. We have taken the better part of a decade to prove all of our findings with great success.

Your health is determined by the condition of your internal pigments because they are the basis for your Electromagnetic Tissues, Neurochemistry, Biochemistry, Chemiluminescence, Water Physics & Immune System.

Your body literally creates “Diabetes” to block SUGAR from destroying your Pigment and with it, the most important cells ie.. Heart, Brain, Nerve, Melanopsin, Cortisol etc…

Feel free to email your questions to Carlie Green the Plant Based Doula and I at melaninvsdiabetes@gmail.com

The more pronounced the quantity and quality of the pigment a individual has externally and internally off set the caloric intake required for any given set of mental and/or physical tasks. The Enqi Cycle presents a sufficient supply of ATP to stand as a primary source or at the minimum a primary component of energy production in the cell with or without oxidizing glucose.

We live on a spaceship named Earth and Eumelanin Dominant People are the only ones with complete Space Suits however as common sense would dictate as the self regenerating space suit fails we age, get sick and die. Algae & Herbs our original food source were the designers of our Space Ship and Space Suit as such they still hold the blueprint to regenerate our Spaceships and Space Suits when needed.

Through trial and error we have developed a lifestyle and diet around Algae and Plants with a complimentary inner hygiene practice to regenerate our space suits, complete incomplete space suits while even possibly building space suits for those who are space suit “recessive” and applied externally can hypothetically restore any damage to our spaceship.

We must take this information into schools, labs, businesses and more importantly our hearts the melanated gateway to the mind. I wrote this with the help of Chase Duquesnay, Falcon Serrant, Osiris Serrant, Amoor Duquesnay & Aubree Duquesnay inspired by #Kanye #West. Genius Lives Matter! Get the Melanin Disease Kit!!!

Further Discussion: Quantum tunneling which is at the heart of the concept of Quantum Biology, is basically a wave function being able to propagate through a barrier. It is out opinion in light of the findings in our study that Pigment especially Eumelanin is the central feature in Quantum Tunneling in Human Cells & Tissues.

Quantum Superposition has been observed in lab setting in chlorophyl which is many many times less efficient at light absorption than Eumelanin. In fact the reason melanin has been so difficult to study is because it behaves as a “blackhole” absorbing everything that technology uses to amplify subcellular life. Photovoltaic light harvesting in our opinion is a central feature of Human Biology.

Sidebar: Sugar crystal “dissolves” but doesn’t dissolve they retain their structure in a way that make them very unique and its this ability that allows them to coat lipids and proteins. I think this ability may play a role in how blood sugar damages the internals systems. It’s our opinion that the memory and magnetic properties of water are destroyed by sugar crystals…. just more food for “thoth”…


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